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Why pay to have your book professionally edited?

Increased sales and respect as an author.

You easily make many more times that back through recommendations and increased customers. Case in point, I recently bought an e-book from one of the big name bloggers. I expected a professional looking book with loads of valuable advice. I was disappointed. There may have been valuable advice, but there were so many grammatical and spelling errors, not to mention convoluted reasoning and terrible flow, that I could barely follow along. I did not recommend this author to anyone.

On the other hand, another recent purchase was filled with advice that I already knew and I loved it. The book was written very clearly and had obviously been edited professionally. It was such a joy to read that I not only recommended it to all of my friends, but I was able to understand the material in more depth than ever before, simply because of the style of writing.

Which do you want your book to be?

Consider this. If you write an average-sized book of 40,000 words, it will only cost $800 to have me professionally edit it. If you sell your book for $15.99, it will only take 50 extra sales to pay for editing. With such a high quality book, you will not only make many more sales, but you’ll present yourself as someone who is on top of their game. People will look up to you as a trusted advisor and buy whatever you have to offer.

So what will you receive when I edit your manuscript? The full package. I check and standardize grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style. I do a thorough check for consistency of mechanics and consistency of facts and also edit cover copy, front and back material, and spot check references. I assist you in clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, smoothing language and polishing your distinct style. I work with you to analyze your target audience and make sure you’re delivering a suitable and forceful message. This may include checking or correcting reading level and, in the case of fiction, adjusting dialogue if requested. I also review plot structure, dialogue, and characterization.

In addition, I also provide structural editing. Structural editing focuses on logical organization and flow of content to render your document clear, concise, and easy to read. A structural edit will ensure your arguments make sense, your plot develops in a compelling fashion, and your information is conveyed accurately.

To get a free sample edit of your book, email your manuscript to chris@ebook-editor.com and you’ll receive your sample edit within one day. There is no obligation on your part and you receive useful feedback that will help you make an intelligent and informed decision.

Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing

Charlie GilkeyTo call Chris a great editor does a disservice to his skills. He’s more of a content architect – he can take your words and paragraphs and find the best ways to put them together such that they convey your message with beauty, grace, and impact. He can do this with very little guidance, too, so it makes him a great resource for a busy creative professional who wants it to be done right but would rather not have to manage the process.

Some careers are started or skyrocket by a few well put-together words. If you need your words to be right and are ready to have someone help you take your masterpieces to the next level of polish, hire Chris. You won’t be disappointed.

Tammy Strobel of RowdyKittens.com

Tammy StrobelChris is absolutely 1st class! He is helpful, efficient and a fabulous communicator. Your finished project will go out into the world free of grammatical errors.



Karol Gajda of RidiculouslyExtraordinary.com

Karol GajdaI’d never used an editor before Chris. Mostly that’s just because I never thought how useful an editor would be. There were so many mistakes in my book The Luxury of Less that I didn’t notice that it was almost mind boggling. Chris got back to me quickly with a fully edited document (both with edits showing and edits implemented). He did a fantastic job and he’ll do you right.



Everett Bogue of FarBeyondTheStars.com

Everett BogueChris blew me way with his editing precision, swiftness, and professionalism. He turned my rough copy into publishable work overnight, making me realize just how indispensable he is as an editor.



Jules Clancy of Stonesoup

Jules ClancyChris is an absolute star. Not only is he super efficient and blessed with an eagle eye, he is a pleasure to work with and has a wicked sense of humour. Easily the best editor I’ve ever used.



We also provide developmental and professional ghostwriting services. Let us know if you are in need of these services.

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