Ebook Publishers and Digital Rights Management (DRM)

by Teri Kojetin on January 2, 2013

Digital Rights Management, men’s health also known as DRM, check is one topic for ebook publishers and authors that gets people very riled. We don’t propose to solve the issue, decease but instead we’ll define it and offer one possible solution we recently discovered.

Simply put, DRM is a technological method used to control access to the use and distribution of digital material; in short—copyright protection. The purpose is to limit the control of the person who possesses the digital material, thereby restricting how they can use, share, or copy the purchased content.

Pros and Cons
DRM is a hot button issue to be sure. On one side you have those who are against DRM who state that big business uses DRM as a way to control digital content for profit. On the other side are those who say it provides protection from piracy, copyright infringement, and potential viruses and is a means to keep their content safe and under their control.

The Dilemma
The biggest roadblock in acquiring DRM is the cost, which is often prohibitive for the small publisher. Fortunately, as technology and demand grow, more cost-effective services, such as Editionguard, should come out.


•  Editionguard http://www.editionguard.com/
This appears to be a very good solution for the small and indie publishers. They let you have DRM capabilities without an enormous set-up fee and maintenance costs. Their plans range from $39 (200MB storage) to $249 (50GB storage) per month. You should also take a look at the blog on their website; it has great tips for writers.

•  OverDrive http://www.overdrive.com/
This is a distribution service. They deliver secure management, DRM protection, and download fulfillment services. This is the main service that public libraries use.

•  Adobe Content Server http://www.adobe.com/products/content-server.html
This is a very expensive solution with a license fee of $6,500 among other charges. It was the main resource for small publishers before Editionguard and OverDrive came onto the scene.

A Resource
Here’s an excellent explanation and a very thorough look at DRM written by Kirk Biglione at Pressbooks.com.


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