Choose Keywords That Sell More Books

Choose Keywords That Sell More BooksKeywords are one of the most powerful tools you have for selling your book. They’re the key to that very first step—getting discovered by your potential reader. If they don’t find your book, hospital
for sale they won’t buy your book. Take the time to pick the very best keywords and you’ll see your sales increase. A keyword is any word or phrase that’ll help people find your book when they do a search, dysentery
say on Google or Amazon. It’s as simple as that. But as simple as they are, purchase
they’re extremely important in the search process. In fact, they’re what search is all about. Search engines (like Google and Amazon) work because they search for keywords. If you want your book to be found, you need to know how to pick the best keywords and learn where to put them to help people find your book. Using the correct keywords when you self-publish your book is vitally important to the success of your book. However, it’s an easy process and doesn’t require much more than about a half hour of your time and only a little bit of creativity.

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Table of Contents

What Are Keywords?
Why Keyword Research Is So Important
Where to Use Keywords
Keywords and Interest
Google Keyword Tool
Choosing Seed Keywords
High Volume vs. Relevancy
Amazon’s Keyword Tool
Compile a Final List of 7 Keywords
Long Tail Keywords Convert
Entering Your Keywords In the Right Places
Add Keywords to Your Title or Subtitle
Add Keywords to Your Book Description
Add Keywords to the Keywords Field
Use Tags as a Bonus Fourth Place to Enter Keywords
Choose Multiple Niches
Wrapping It All Up
About the Author


Keyword research can be a complicated, time-consuming chore—or it can be an easy, enjoyable way to get to know more about your potential readers. I wrote this book to make it easy and enjoyable. I kept the information as simple as possible, but did not leave anything useful out. You can read this book quickly and get exactly the information you need to choose the right keywords that will help you sell more books.

The thing is, keyword research is the most important step you can take to market your book successfully. Everything—and I mean everything—builds on those keywords.

The benefits you’ll receive by doing keyword research are beyond mortal comprehension. It seems like such a minor thing, but choosing the right keywords can make the difference between selling hundreds of books (I’ve seen it happen more than once) and selling none at all.

If you don’t use the right keywords, how is anyone going to find you? You might as well set up a booth in an abandoned parking lot and sell your books that way—you’ll get the same results. Poorly chosen keywords are the abandoned parking lot of the book world.
But choose the right keywords and you could sell hundreds, thousands, even millions of books. You don’t think that’s possible? If you start selling books because you chose the right keywords, word of mouth will compound the effect and soon you’ll be selling even more. Use the right keywords on your website and social media sites and even more people will find your book. Pretty soon everyone and their grandmother is talking about your book, and then Oprah calls and wants you on her show. The New York Times has you listed at the top of their bestseller list and the president has personally called you to ask you to appear with him in the White House Rose Garden for a press release.

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