An Overview on the Importance of a Professional Ebook Cover

by Deb O'Byrne on January 16, 2013

In a digital world, viagra sale this site ebook cover design is often overlooked. It’s due to the fact that people think that because an ebook cover is only the size of a thumbnail, cialis 40mg instead of a large in-your-face image that you’d see on a hardcover book at a brick and mortar store, that its quality is of less importance.

Never Underestimate the Importance of Visual Impact

The truth is, professional cover design is just as important in ebooks. Just as is the case for print books, it is the first and sometimes only opportunity to catch the viewer’s eye. What many authors may overlook is that ebook covers must be even more versatile. They need to be able to stretch and go from a tiny thumbnail image for viewing on places like Facebook and Amazon, to stretching to fit onto an iPad or computer screen on applications like Kindle for PC or Mac.

Ebook Covers Have More Room for Visual Appeal

Keep in mind that the title of the book in online stores is always listed beside the thumbnail image of the book, negating the need to make a title that is readable in such a small format. However, do not overcrowd the cover with images either, or the viewer is liable to pass over it rather than try and figure it out.

Words From a Bestselling Author

H.P. Mallory is a New York Times bestselling author who recently wrote The Witch Is Back and the upcoming title, Something Witchy This Way Comes. She says, “Cover art is crucial in any book (ebook or otherwise) because it’s the first touch point an author has with her readers. And readers absolutely, one hundred percent judge books by their covers, so if your cover looks like you created it in Microsoft Paint, chances are your sales will reflect it.”

When your book comes up in a search result, the potential reader will view it among many other potential books to read and your cover needs to pop in a way that the others do not. Keep in mind that the background color for Amazon is white, so having a white background can potentially make your cover disappear. Also try to avoid colors that are used on the website such as tans, golds and grays.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Cover Designer:

1. Consider the cost vs. work ratio. When you are paying for a cover design, compare prices and, more importantly, compare portfolios. Look for an artist whose portfolio meets the criteria for what you’re looking for in a cover. Some artists primarily focus on the title, a simple image, and author name with the idea that the only importance of an ebook cover is to have a placeholder for where your book appears in online stores.

Despite what many cover designers once thought, it’s important for you to have a creative cover that stands out, rather than sticking to a few basic fonts and images that are simple and not complex. Shop around and be sure to inquire before deciding to go with a designer to make sure they will be able to meet your cover design needs.

2. What are your expectations? Many authors employ an artist to create a cover design with hopes of having a cover perfectly customized to specific characters and images in the book itself. Unless you are hiring an artist to paint, draw, or photograph your cover image, keep in mind that most images used will be from stock photography and simple designs that can be created in Photoshop, rather than “a young girl with her head tilted slightly to the left in a red dress and pink shoes with her hair in pigtails and ribbons.” There’s only so much that can be created from nothing unless you’re paying for someone to actually create the image.

3. Is DIY an option? Many authors would rather cut the cost of having to hire someone to design their cover. Hey, if you’re publishing your own book, why not do it all yourself? If you have an eye for design and feel confident in your ability to create the design you want as well as one that will catch a potential viewer’s eye, then go for it. Browse other best-selling covers and make sure yours stands up with them. Otherwise, find an artist that will meet your budget without sacrificing quality.

A professional ebook design is just as—if not more—important in a time when technology is taking precedence. The very existence of an ebook, and the traditional publishing companies race to keep up, is proof that technology and trends must be followed, studied, and implemented to ensure success. Think Netflix vs. Blockbuster.

Get the Ebook Cover You Want

Something that separates Ebook Editor from other companies is not only our dedication to making your cover stand out, look professional, and catch potential reader’s eyes, but our customer service.

At Ebook Editor, our customer service is unmatched. How?

Most companies (and this is sad, really) will give you one or two drafts. If you aren’t satisfied with the cover, then that’s just too bad.

When you go with us, you’ll receive as many drafts and revisions as you need until you are 100% satisfied with the cover design. We won’t let you put your book on the market if you aren’t completely satisfied with your ebook cover.

We believe in pleasing customers and making sure they go away from us happy, not just with our professional ebook cover designs, but with our attention to detail and unique needs and wants that come along with anything requiring artistic flare.

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